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Our Hosiery Factory

calzificio piemonte

We are a factory highly specialised in the production of graduated compression hosiery and socks.

The experience we have gained over the years allows us to create products with very high quality standards.

We manufacture a full line of graduated compression socks, tights, stockings and pop socks called ACTIVA.

ACTIVA is produced entirely within our factory.

ACTIVA is guaranteed by the EC declaration of conformity for medical devices, according to Directive 93/42/EEC (controlled production cycle, proper compression, non-toxicity, resistance to bacteria)

ACTIVA exclusively uses the LYCRA only by Dupont elastomeric fibre, a guarantee of durability, fit, grip and comfort.

We know what we sell because we make it ourselves.

ACTIVA is sold exclusively in orthopaedics, pharmacy and health stores.

Stockings and tights with graduated compression

calzificio piemonte

The dynamic women of today are always in motion and lead a very ACTIVE life.

Standing or sitting for several hours can cause a dilation of the veins in the legs leading to imbalances in the bloodstream.


Our company is specialised in the production and marketing of a complete line of graduated compression items created with special techniques and special yarns, called ACTIVA.

The differentiated compression is greater at the ankles and decreases towards the knee and thigh to stimulate blood circulation with a continuous and gentle massage, and it can have a beneficial and effective curative and restful action.

ACTIVA is particularly suitable for those suffering from circulatory disorders, swelling and varicose veins

The Activa Line - a choice for well-being

The ACTIVA restful tights are synonymous with absolute wellbeing for legs. Compression at differentiated levels from the ankle to the thigh stimulates blood circulation through a gentle but constant massage.

Only then will your legs be lighter and less tired, even after a long day. ACTIVA is a line of tights and stockings made with special techniques and yarns.

SPECIAL TECHNIQUES: graduated and differentiated compression weaving.


SPECIAL YARNS: quality guaranteed by the LYCRA® only by Dupont elastomeric fibre.


ACTIVA is designed to exert differentiated, graduated compression on three levels (greater on the ankle and decreasing towards the knee and thigh).


LIGHT PRESSURE on the thigh


STRONG PRESSURE on the ankle


This pressure can stimulate circulation and promote the natural and proper blood flow. The ACTIVA line is offered to the public with a wide range of products at an attractive and advantageous price, combined with high quality guaranteed by a manufacturer with decades of experience.

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