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The differentiated compression is greater at the ankles and decreases towards the knee and thigh to stimulate blood circulation with a continuous and gentle massage, and it can have a beneficial and effective curative and restful action.


ACTIVA is recommended for those suffering from circulatory disorders, swelling and varicose veins.


ACTIVA is a choice for well-being.


ACTIVA is a line of tights and stockings made with special techniques and yarns.


SPECIAL TECHNIQUES. Graduated and differentiated compression weave (GCS graduated compression system).


ACTIVA is designed to exert differentiated, graduated compression (greater on the ankle and decreasing towards the knee and thigh) to improve blood circulation in the legs.


ACTIVA gives a continuous and delicate ACTIVE massage that reduces the feeling of tiredness and puffiness prevents and treats circulatory disorders

assists the treatment of skin flaws caused by cellulite

Elastic Stockings

Activa stocking and tight models with graduated compression

ACTIVA is available in various models:




Light compression mm/Hg 5/7. It exerts anti-fatigue action, preventing tiredness in the legs.

Available in the following versions:


40 denier all-nude tights

40 denier tights with support bodice

Tights with designed bikini bodice



Medium Compression mm/Hg 11/14. Therapeutic and recommended in the presence of swollen limbs, it exerts a preventive action at the onset of varicose veins.

Available in the following versions:


70 denier fishnet and heel with support bodice

70 denier plain knit tights, without heel with bikini designed bodice

70 denier tights for pregnant women with special anatomical waistband

70 denier stockings with fishnet and heel

70 denier pop socks with fishnet and heel

70 denier plain knit pop socks without heel



Strong compression mm/Hg 16/19. Therapeutic and healing, recommended for the treatment of varicose veins and dilated capillaries.

Available in the following versions:


140 denier fishnet tights with heel and support bodice

140 denier fishnet stockings with heel

140 denier fishnet pop socks with heel




Pop socks 280 

Strong compression mm/Hg 18. Therapeutic and healing, recommended for the treatment of varicose veins and dilated capillaries.

Cotton next to the skin ensures comfort and well-being, while the microfibre with silver ions provides effective antibacterial and antifungal action.

Elastic Stockings

Where to find our products

Our line is sold in orthopaedic, healthcare and pharmacy stores, as well as and directly from us at our online shop where you can find all the models of elastic support stockings and tights in 40-70-140 denier, and men's graduated compression socks with silver ions.


Check out the promotions on our graduated compression tights by visiting our online shop.

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